Workers' Compensation

There may be instances when an incident may result in a workers’ compensation claim. 

The Workers’ Compensation Program provides benefits to employees who sustain work-related injuries and/or contract occupational diseases while carrying out the duties and responsibilities of their employment.  A Third-Party Administrator (TPA), contracted by the state of North Carolina, accepts or denies liability for a workplace injury or illness. The Workers’ Compensation Administrator (WCA) in the Office of Risk Management and Insurance works to ensure all claims for Workers’ Compensation are reported appropriately and for monitoring the claims.  For detailed information, please review the following: University Policy 101.7: Workers' Compensation and Leave Administration – Workers’ Compensation Leave.

To ensure sufficient time to initiate a workers’ compensation claim, you must report a work-related incident to your supervisor immediately (same day) by completing and signing the Employee Incident Report located on the Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) website.  Once completed please ensure that the original, printed form, and all medical information, is forwarded to the Office of Risk Management and Insurance (RMI) via mail or email to

Contact Information:

Angela Allen
Workers' Compensation Manager
Ph: (704) 687-0681
Fax: (704) 687-6789


If you are involved in an incident that requires medical treatment:


For more detailed information on the Workers' Compensation process refer to the following links: 

  • If medical treatment is needed, please escort the employee to the Student Health Center (SHC).  Ensure you have signed the Employee Incident Report form authorizing treatment for the work-related injury and provide the form to the SHC staff.
  • If the Student Health Center is closed, consult with the appropriate Medical Providers Authorized for Work-Related Injuries.  
  • After treatment is rendered, return the employee to work in accordance with the instructions provided by the medical provider, and document necessary transitional duty assignments in the Transitional Duty Form.

For more detailed information on the Workers' Compensation process refer to the following links: