What Does Risk Management Do?

The Office of Risk Management and Insurance works to protect the University, its employees, and students, from all types of risk. These risks include financial, reputational, operational, security, and compliance risks.   The risk management process includes identifying, analyzing, controlling, financing, and administering potential loss exposures and mitigation techniques.

The Office of Risk Management and Insurance is responsible for the following:

  • Risk Assessment - Providing guidance with identifying risks and helping to develop mitigation techniques for those risks

  • Procuring Insurance - Facilitating the purchase of insurance for a variety of purposes

  • Claims Management - Acting as the University's representative with regard to all types of insurance claims

  • Contract Review - Ensuring contracts comply with applicable University standards

  • Risk Financing Strategies - Providing strategies to help departments determine optimum insurance premium allocations and payment methods

  • Program Administration - Administering a varierty of programs including Minors on Campus, 15 Passenger Van Driver Safety Training, Drones/UAS, and Workers' Compensation