Minors on Campus

Minors on Campus Program Information

UNC Charlotte has adopted policies and procedures to take affirmative steps to safeguard and protect minors from potential abuse while visiting the UNC Charlotte campus, attending University-offered programs and events, or participating in third party programs and activities that utilize campus facilities.

To meet the requirements of the policies and procedures, all adults who will supervise/oversee minors as part of a University-sponsored activity or program must complete the following activities. These activities are also referenced in the Minors on Campus Program Organizer Checklist:

1. Notify the Office of Risk Management and Insurance of Your Program/Camp

Program Organizers for university-sponsored programs/camps involving non-student minors (including athletics camps sponsored by UNC Charlotte coaches) must report their program to the Office of Risk Management and Insurance (RMI) using this link at least two weeks prior to the program beginning.

2. Ensure that Background Checks are Done on All Authorized Adults*

Program Organizers are responsible for ensuring and documenting that all employees/volunteers have undergone and passed a comprehensive criminal background check in accordance with University Policy 101.23. Click HERE to access the background check website (Background Investigation Bureau). Program Organizers should share this link with their employees/volunteers. On this page they will select which program they are a part of and input their information to run the check. RMI will approve/disapprove of individuals to work with minors.

RMI maintains a Googlesheet that is shared with Program Organizers to help them ensure that their employees/volunteers have completed the check and been approved.

3. Ensure that All Authorized Adults Have Completed Minors on Campus Training*

The Program Organizer is responsible for ensuring that all Authorized Adults, including employees, volunteers, and the Program Organizer, have:
• Either read the Non-Student Minors Policy Workbook or watched the online training video; and
• Passed the online quiz with a score of 70% or better. The quiz is based on the information in the Non-Student Minors Policy Training

The RMI Googlesheet also includes information regarding who has passed the quiz.

4. Document Background Check and Training Completion

In Column H of the Googlesheet, Program Organizers must type their initials next to each of their employee/volunteer’s names to confirm that both activities have been completed and checked prior to program inception.

5. Complete the Emergency Plan for Your Program

The Program Organizer for each camp or program involving non-student minors must complete an Emergency Plan for their program. The plan template, which includes instructions on how to complete the plan, is located HERE. Program Organizers are responsible for maintaining a copy of their plan.

6. Obtain All Necessary Signed Forms from Parents/Guardians

Prior to the program beginning, review the list below and obtain the appropriate signed forms from all parents or guardians of program/camp participants. Some commonly used forms include:
Accessibility Policy              Payment Policy              Open Discussion Policy              Transportation Policy
English Proficiency             Photo Release                Niner Character Promise           Sick Child Policy

(*Both of these activities must be completed within the one year period prior to program inception)

Important Links

Minors on Campus University Policy 716 (Link)

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Program Organizers Background Check and Training Completion Googlesheet (Googlesheet)

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