The primary goal of the Office of Risk Management and Insurance is to support the University in assessing and mitigating risk. One of the techniques used to mitigate risk is through the purchase insurance. Listed below are specific topics addressing risk through insurance.

Property Insurance


University-owned property is insured under the State Property Fire Insurance Fund (SPFIF).  Coverage is provided on an All Risk basis.  Any property damage over $10,000 should be reported to the Office of Risk Management & Insurance immediately. 

Personal Property-Contents

The University's property insurance only covers University-owned building contents. The personal property of students, faculty, and staff is not insured under the University's insurance policies. It is strongly recommended that individuals who have their own personal property (including art, rugs, books, personal computers, etc.) in their offices, studios, or labs, purchase their own insurance to cover these items, or assume the risks which are inherent. Homeowner's or renter's insurance may provide the necessary protection, but any coverage should be verified from the individual's insurance provider. If any unit has University property stored or maintained at a non-University-owned location, an inventory listing should be provided for separate insurance coverage, as appropriate.

Leased Property/Equipment

When negotiating contracts to rent or lease property or equipment on behalf of the University, you should be aware that the insurance coverage often required by the lessor may NOT be a part of the University's insurance program.  If the terms of a lease/rental contract require insurance coverage, the Office of Risk Management & Insurance should be consulted prior to finalizing the agreement.

Auto Insurance

Auto Liability

In accordance with NC law, all University-owned vehicles must carry liability insurance. The term 'vehicle' is defined broadly, and includes private passenger vehicles, vans, fork lifts, mowers, tractors, golf carts (both gas and electric), trailers, and other types of vehicles. 

University-owned vehicles, leased departmental vehicles, other licensed equipment, and all motor fleet vehicles, are to be used for official state business only. The vehicles shall be driven only by state employees and must be used in the course and scope of their employment. It is unlawful for any state employee to use a state-owned vehicle for any private purpose whatsoever.

Auto Physical Damage (Comprehensive/Collision)

University-owned vehicles and mobile equipment are covered for physical damage only if they have been specifically added to our insurance policy.  The auto physical damage deductible for an accident is $500, provided the vehicle has been added to the policy for comprehensive and collision coverage. In the event of a covered loss, the unit which owns the vehicle is responsible for paying the policy deductible.

Please contact the Office of Risk Management & Insurance to add physical damage coverage for any vehicle. 

All auto accidents involving state vehicles or other property damage, regardless of amount of damage, must be reported within 24 hours of the accident. Please see the Claims Reporting Page to see how to handle an accident.

Other Information

To add a vehicle to the University's auto insurance, please complete the "Add a Vehicle" form and return it to the Office of Risk Management and Insurance.  If physical damage coverage is desired, be sure to indicate such in the appropriate box on the form.

The unit that owns and operates a given vehicle is responsible for the annual insurance premium associated with that vehicle.

Rental Car Insurance

Domestic Auto Liability

The University's automobile liability insurance will cover the individual as well as the vehicle when the vehicle is rented within the course and scope of employment. Therefore, employees should not purchase additional liability insurance coverage sold by the rental company.

Domestic Auto Physical Damage: 

It is preferred that vehicles be rented under the State of North Carolina's contract with Enterprise Rent-A-Car. If the Enterprise-rented vehicle is valued at less than $30,000, physical damage coverage is automatic and there is no need to contact the Office of Risk Management for insurance, as this coverage is contemplated under the State's contract with Enterprise. However, if the Enterprise vehicle is valued at $30,000 or more, you must notify UNC Charlotte's Office of Risk Management and Insurance so the vehicle can be manually added to UNC Charlotte's policy.  We will need the information requested on the "Add a Vehicle" form to add it for you.

If there is no Enterprise Rent-A-Car vehicle available, you must contact Risk Management to add the specific vehicle you rented to our policy before driving it.  NC policy prevents reimbursement for insurance purchased through a vehicle rental company. 

For all truck rentals other than those made through Enterprise, be sure to contact Risk Management, as they will have to be manually added to our policy.

International Auto Insurance:

Purchase the maximum liability limits available from the rental company and full physical damage coverage on the vehicle. If possible add the University as an additional insured.

Use of Personal Vehicles

According to the State of North Carolina, if you use your personal vehicle on State (UNC Charlotte) business, your personal automobile insurance policy is considered to be primary.  The University's auto insurance will not provide coverage for the use of personal vehicles, even if used in the course/scope of University duties.


University employees, officers, and agents enjoy substantial protection against personal liability for acts or omissions that occur in the performance of their work.  These protections are defined by Articles 31 and 31A of Chapter 143 of the North Carolina General Statutes as well as the terms of an excess liability insurance policy applicable to all State employees.

When a claim is made against a State employee, the Attorney General (or counsel authorized by the Attorney General) provides legal defense.  The Attorney General may refuse to provide defense under certain very limited circumstances, such as when the claim was not within the course and scope of the employee’s State employment or the act or omission resulted from the employee’s fraud, corruption, or actual malice.  When the Attorney General provides or approves legal defense of a State employee, the State agency for which the employee works is required by statute to pay up to $1,000,000 of any final judgment that may be rendered against the employee.

The State of North Carolina purchases excess liability insurance policies that provide all State employees with supplementary coverage beyond the $1,000,000 paid directly by the employee’s State agency.  Under the renewed insurance contract negotiated by the North Carolina Department of Insurance, the coverage limits are as follows:

$1,000,000 for Tort Claims against the State

$2,000,000 per Employee

$10,000,000 Aggregate for Claims against State Employees

Of course, the insurance policy described here, like all insurance policies, is subject to certain limitations and exclusions.  However, any such limitations and exclusions apply only to the excess liability coverage and not to the $1,000,000 statutory protection provided to all State employees.

Coverage Documents

2023-2024 Certificate of Coverage (our version of a certificate of insurance)

2023-2024 Memorandum Regarding Excess Liability Coverage for University Employees, Officers, and Agents


To aid in the financial stability of the University, all contractors, sub-contractors, and vendors are required to carry minimum insurance coverage. These minimum requirements protect the University from losses caused by others. Please view the Minimum Insurance Coverage and Requirements document for the minimum insurance coverage requirements.

Other Insurance Policies

The University carries many types of insurance not fully described above.  This includes policies for Boiler and Machinery (Mechanical Breakdown), Fine Arts, Accident Insurance related to camps and field trips, Crime, Drones, Cyber, and Student Internships. For more information on any of these policies and more, please contact our Office.

Contact Us

Please contact the Office of Risk Management and Insurance at 704-687-5711 if you or your department require additional information.