Drones/Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)

UNCC UAS/Drone Policy

To review the UNCC policy on UAS/Drones, please visit here: UNCC UAS/Drone Policy

UAS/Drone Flight Information Forms

(Use these forms to provide the Office of Risk Management and Insurance with the required information prior to flight.)

Individuals flying for hobby/recreational purposes: Hobby and Recreational Use: UAS/Drone Flight Notification Form

Individuals flying for University Activities: University Activities: UAS/Drone Flight Notification Form

Please Note: “University Activity” means any activity or use by a UNC Charlotte Department or Unit for the purpose of education, instruction, photography, research, promotion, publicity, or other business purposes, including indoor and outdoor activity.

UNCC UAS/Drone Map for Hobbyist Flights

To view a map of recommended areas for hobbyist and recreational uses, please visit here: Hobbyist and Recreational Use Map