Claims and Incident Reporting


All losses must be reported to Risk Management within 24 hours of knowledge of damage to University property by completing the property loss reporting form.  Please contact Risk Management & Insurance at 704‑687‑5711 for assistance with completion and submission of those forms to the NC Department of Insurance. By contacting RMI you can avoid potential redundancy of process.

Auto Claims

In the event of an accident involving a University vehicle (owned, leased or rented by the University) the driver should do the following:

  • Call for medical assistance if required
  • Contact the local police at the time of the accident and get a police report
  • Do not comment on liability, payment of bills, or argue the merits of the claim
  • If a University employee is injured and needs medical attention, visit the EHS Injury Incident Reporting page for instructions on reporting the incident. Also, contact the Workers' Compensation Manager at 704‑687‑0681
  • Contact their supervisor or department head
  • Secure the name, address, and phone number of all involved parties and witnesses
  • If another vehicle is involved, secure information on the vehicle, driver, owner, and insurance carrier and policy number
  • If the vehicle is rented from a rental agency, the rental agency must be contacted immediately.
  • Contact Risk Management and share any available details or if there are any questions
  • *Note: Departments are responsible for any deductibles that may apply

Liability-Visitor/Guest ClaimS and Incident Reporting

Injury to Non-Employees (Third Parties)

Any time a non-employee claims an injury [example: visitor or student injures their ankle due to a fall on stairs on University owned property] an Incident Report should be completed and sent to Risk Management and Insurance. Answers should be as complete and as detailed as possible. 

An employee may offer to call for medical assistance if the visitor/guest requests or requires it. Employees should not comment on liability, payment of bills, or argue the merits of the claim. 

Damage to Property of Non-Employees (Third Parties)

Any time another party claims damage to their property [example: visitor claims damage to their car caused by rocks kicked up by a University mower) an Incident Report should be completed and filed with the Office of Risk Management. Employees should not make comments on liability, payment of bills, or argue the merits of the claim. The Incident Report should be completed and filed with Risk Management within 24 hours of the report of an incident or accident. Include a detailed description of the property such as year, make, model, license plate number and state of registration if a vehicle is involved. Contact information such as the name, address and telephone number of the visitor/guest and any witness should also be obtained. If possible, take a picture of the damaged property and email it to Risk Management. Please contact the Office of Risk Management 704‑687‑5711 if you have any questions.



For all other types of insurance claims, contact the Office of Risk Management and Insurance for instructions on when and how to appropriately report and document the claim.