15 Passenger Vans

The University owns several 15 passenger vans that are available for use by university employees.  Employees may reserve a van for a University activity using the Facilities Management - Motor Fleet website .

Prior to driving a 15 passenger van, employees are required to pass the University's 15 passenger van training, located here. A screenshot of each employee's training completion (or a signed/dated 15 Passenger Van Training Attestation) must be submitted to the Office of Risk Management and Insurance prior to driving the vehicle (email: hnance3@uncc.edu).  [Note: All employees who have previously completed the van training through Environmental Health and Safety are exempted from this requirement.]

15 Passenger Van Online Training Module

15 Passenger Van Training Checklist

Departments that frequently utilize 15 passenger vans are encouraged to practice additional risk management procedures, such as in-person training, as they deem appropriate.

Any exceptions to the rules regarding 15 passenger vans must be authorized by the Office of Risk Management and Insurance.

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